Wednesday, November 24, 2010


You know, the universe knew what it was doing when it made children so stinking adorable and charming.  Just the second you are ready to blow your fuse and sentence your kid to their room for the next 12 years, they crack you up.

Bianca has been on a spy kick.  I don't know where she got it but she won't leave the house without her hat and sunglasses.  She creeps and slinks about, running from the door to hide behind the car.  Oh, correction, I mean our super spy-mobile.  Every button in the car is a super secret spy button. Insert sound effects: pssshhuuuu-pshhhuuuu!!!  (Oh god I need to get to the punchline b/c she just dissolved into whiney-cry-spygirl because I said she could not jump off the furniture.....)

So we leave the house the other day on a covert mission (going to school).  I said "You're incognito!" and explained what that meant.  She got to the car and caught a glimpse of herself in the window.  She flattens herself against the side of the car and whispers in breathless amazement "WHOA!  I'm so incognito, I didn't recognize myself!"

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