Thursday, December 30, 2010

You Know That Saying....

....that God will never give you more than you can handle?  Either that is a total truck load of bat crap or God has seriously overestimated me.

Let me recap for you:

12/11 - Bianca lands in the ER due to acute asthma attack that I cannot control at home despite maxing out all medications.  As a result of her chronic asthma & this flare up, we get a total of about 10 hours sleep over a period of 4 days. 

12/13 - Bianca wakes up with pink eye.  She and I have to miss 2 days of school/work.

12/17 - I finally succumb to the cold that has been threatening me for days (resulting from no sleep and little sickie coughing in my face for a week)

12/19 - My cold turns to bronchitis.  And, that night, Bianca has a power vomit incident that coats her room, bed, blankets, walls, furniture from stem to stern.  Fun.

12/25 - Merry Christmas.  I wake up with a migraine & throwing up from it.  When that passes, I get the flu, fever chills and more throwing up.

12/26 - I start to feel like I'm getting a cold again.

12/29 - I wake up with pink eye.  I have to go to work anyway b/c I'm covering for a department manager.  While here, my computer crashes. 
In the evening, Bianca rapidly declines into full blown asthma bronchospasm episode in a matter of hours and we're up all night (except for that oh-so-(not)-restful 3 hours) coughing, puking and medicating.  We went to see her dr this AM and she is now on 2 prescription allergy meds, 2 prescription asthma meds, inhaled steroids, liquid steroids, antibiotics, and 2 OTC meds.  How much can a 6 year old ingest?  And it's still not helping.  Breaks. My. Heart. 

If all this means that my 2011 is going to be a breeze, then I'll weather it out.  If it's a precursor of things to come, I politely decline.  Thank you very much. 

Dear God, there is a LIMIT to the amount of CRAP one single Mom can tolerate.  Please have some mercy on us.  We've had enough.

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